Welcome to the new website for Creative Writers. Most of you will have found this site because you are already members of the Creative Writers’ group on Facebook. If you’ve managed to stumble upon this website some other way, we’d like to get to know you. Come over to the Creative Writers’ group and say hi!

Come tell us what you’re working on, get advice, and see what other writers are working on and need help with. You might even get a chance to work on our next project. It’s a writers think-tank, support group, and creative team all rolled into one. There are members from all over the world. I haven’t tested it but I’m fairly certain we’re in every timezone at this point. At the time of writing this, we are nearly 3000 members strong, and still growing.

We’re currently working on an Anthology series called ‘Monolith’. You can read all about that project here, in the group’s pinned post. I hope you’ll decide to submit a short story to us. Even if you don’t, I know you’ll be an invaluable member of our community.

– Antony M. Copeland

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About Creative Writers’ Press

Creative Writers’ Press grew out of a Facebook group called ‘Creative Writers‘. The spirit of the group is collaboration and support and it’s my intent to carry that spirit forward and allow it to shape the way that Creative Writers’ Press conducts itself. We do this by encouraging those that are interested in submitting writing to us to join our facebook community and take an active role.

It’s important to us to help each grow and develop, and become better writers together. It’s so important because we are not a ‘vanity press’. We don’t charge you a fee to publish your work, we all get paid from the profit we make from your story, so it has to be good. Don’t worry though, the Creative Writers group will help you make it good.

Currently, we’re working on an Anthology series together. Come and ask us about it. We’re a great community, and we’d all like to see you there.

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Before you submit anything, come to the Creative Writers‘ Facebook group, say ‘Hi’ and tell us what you’re working on and what you need from us. Once you’ve done that, and your story is ready, please send it to creativewriters.subs@gmail.com as a Word (.docx) document. Please include your name (or pen-name if you prefer), your Facebook handle (if different from your name), and the title of the story in the body of the email.

If you’ve visited this page before, you’ll notice that the old submissions form is gone. This new method would allow you to present your writing any way you wish, including making use of bold and italics. The text-only method didn’t allow that. Please bear in mind that the formatting may need to be adjusted to fit the aesthetic of the finished book.

Antony M. Copeland