About Us

This site is the companion blog for the Creative Writers group on Facebook.

The group is active and vibrant, and (at the time of writing) has 15,753 members. It’s a great resource and results in many interesting questions and fascinating conversations.

Inevitably, with such a large, diverse, and fast-moving group, certain questions and discussions tend to crop up time and time again. When they do, chances are there’s already an article written about it on this site, allowing us to simply provide a link to the appropriate in-depth and helpful reply.

More articles will be added as we observe more frequently asked questions, and respond to member requests.

There are also articles that offer advice regarding how to become a professional writer of various kinds. The advice provided will hopefully encourage more writers to take the plunge and publish their work.

Are there any articles you’d like to see?

Antony M. Copeland


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