How to Become a Member of the Creative Writers’ Group

You’d be forgiven for thinking that this article is unnecessary. It certainly is for those who have already successfully become members.


You’d be forgiven for thinking that this article is unnecessary. It certainly is for those who have already successfully become members. However, there are a lot of people whose membership requests we have had to decline because they don’t answer the three questions correctly, or they only answer one or two of them, or they never answer them at all.

If you’re not a member already, and you’ve stumbled across this blog post due to some happy browsing accident (or because a member sent it to you), allow me to explain what Creative Writers is. Basically, Creative Writers has become a haven for writers that want to help each other become better writers. You can show off their work-in-progress knowing that you’ll get honest feedback (and without being shamed for promoting), and you can also be part of a writing project that I’m excited to be a part of myself, called The Monolith Anthology.

If this sounds like your kind of place, click on the words ‘Creative Writers‘. This will take you to a Facebook page. Providing you’re already on Facebook, you should see the word ‘Join’ underneath the header image.

Once you’ve hit ‘Join’, you’ll be prompted to answer three questions that we’ve carefully designed to filter out those that won’t fit our growing and supportive community. These questions are as follows, along with the simple answers that would get you accepted:


If you think you would struggle to truthfully answer these three questions with ‘yes’, then you probably won’t fit in. However, let me clarify my meaning and intent behind each question to see if you still feel the same afterwards.

Regarding the first question, I absolutely agree that, as adult writers, we should be able to handle any word we see with maturity and reason. I agree that we should be able to use any word we wish without having to worry about offending and being censored by fellow writers. However, there are many people with social anxiety, depression, PTSD and similar psychological trauma that might find your words trigger memories of a painful or traumatic nature.

There are also some young authors in the group. Some as young as 12 and 15 that may not be comfortable with graphic violence or sexual content. For their sakes please begin your post with a content warning and keep anything too mature for them below the ‘read more’ line. Even if you don’t feel responsible for the psychological responses of adults, please respect the innocence of the younger Creative Writers.

Regarding the ban on religious and political topics. This is a group for discussing fiction. There are some who believe very strongly that their religious and political beliefs are fact. We have no need to discuss facts in a fiction group. Feel free to discuss fictional governments and gods openly. In fact, as long as you’re okay with your beliefs being discussed and critiqued as if they were fiction, go ahead. Most people are not. If you want a group for religious or political debate, this is not the one.

The last question is the easiest and it’s there to make sure new members are aware that we expect them to actively participate in group discussions. Offer advice and suggestions to those who are struggling, ask for feedback and motivation from the group, and generally help to make the group a friendly, helpful and encouraging place. If you’d rather ‘tell it like I see it’, you probably don’t belong.

Hopefully, we’re all on the same page now and that you’re able to reply in the affirmative without being dishonest with yourself. Please do make certain you answer all three questions. Answering only two of them, even if you answer both with yes, will get you rejected. You would also be rejected for doing what this guy did:


Not only does he only respond to only one question, but he also doesn’t actually answer the question. If you recognise this as your attempt to access the group, please try again!

By the way, if you have hit ‘Join’ and never received the three questions, please try again. We decline all requests 6 hours old or more if they don’t answer the questions, but we’d more than willing to help you if you’re having technical difficulties. If after trying to join again you still don’t get the questions, contact any of the group admins. We can ask you the questions manually! Sorry, there is no way to get around them. 😉

See you in the group 🙂